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The MLM investment plan is followed by a company offering a daily percentage (%) on the investment of the down-chain member and this percentage may change according to the investment schemes. So, in another way we can say that this MLM Plan is totally based on the investment amount and its percentage.

Most of us understand the simple truths of investing. Haven't we been told not to hold on to losing positions for too long, or told not to panic and sell when the market corrects 10% in a single day? Although the basic rules of investing are simple enough to understand, following them can be quite tough. In the words of Warren Buffet, "Investing is simple, but not easy."

So why is investing in equity so difficult? An investor's worst enemy is himself. The behavioural skills needed to invest successfully are often in direct conflict with how we respond to familiar situations. If our house is on fire, we listen to our intuition and run for safety. This helps us survive. However, in the case of investment decisions, this behaviour can land us in trouble. The moment we see signs of panic in the stock market, we run to sell all our stocks; when we see euphoria, we jump into the market. We tend to behave irrationally and in a biased manner in many investment situations. Your long-term investment success is determined by your ability to control your 'inner demons' and sidestep 'psychological traps'.

The good news is that human behaviour is irrational in a predictive manner, as examined by Professor Dan Ariely in his highly acclaimed book Predictably Irrational.

Once we are internally alert and are able to recognize these 'inner demons', we can develop approaches to tackle them. Thoughtful investors can leverage this predictable irrationality of human beings by not getting swayed by the noise and making rational decisions, thereby taking advantage of others' behavioural biases.

One such inner demon is 'overconfidence'. Many a times, we tend to overrate our ability, knowledge and skill. Watching 24-hour news channels and listening to 'experts', we sometimes tend to believe that we have become experts and take investment decisions that are not thought through. We think we can predict and time every up and down of daily price movements and invest accordingly. Overconfidence can lead to excessive trading and poor investment decisions. To be a successful investor, one needs to follow a zero-based approach towards decision-making, and be a bit cautious and sceptical. In investment decisions, it pays to be humble rather than being overconfident about past successes.

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